Who we are

All around the world, more and more young people are engaging with social media and digital tools. This is done through computers and – increasingly – through mobile phones.

In response, Voices of Youth Citizens gathers timely and relevant information to help young people, policymakers and the public at large understand the opportunities and risks that social media and digital tools present to young people.

Where we are

Voices of Youth Citizens is focused on young people from many different countries around the world. Currently we are working to understand the digital landscape and to promote responsible use of digital tools in Argentina, Armenia, Indonesia, Kenya, the Russian Federation, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, Viet Nam and Zambia.

New countries are continuously joining Voices of Youth Citizens, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated here.

What we do

The Voices of Youth Citizens project has three important stages. First, we survey the digital landscape in each country – looking at how many young people have access, which platforms and activities are the most popular, and what the risks and opportunities are for young users.

To find out all this information, we rely on both existing and new research. Once we have the knowledge, we then produce reports, videos, animations and other materials to raise awareness. We also hold meetings and conferences with youth, leaders in government, academics, digital companies and many others to discuss how we can all work together to make the digital world better and more accessible – as well as safer – for all young people.