Get involved

Are you interested in talking about responsible use of social media and digital tools at your school or local club? Here are some ideas and tips on how to be a digital citizen. Remember that you can use some of these tools and resources to help you.

And don’t forget – if you do any of these things, we’d love to hear about them. Tell us about how you got involved by blogging on Voices of Youth.

Tips to get involved

Get everyone talking!

Talk to the school counselor or a teacher responsible for computer and information technology studies about showing one – or all – of the UNICEF videos in class and holding a discussion about the issue that is portrayed in each video.

Debate the digital

Speak with your principal or teacher about organizing a debate on one of these topics:

  • Should mobile phones be allowed in schools to help with learning and teaching?
  • Should parents and caregivers be allowed to monitor their children’s use of the Internet and mobile phones to protect them?
  • Does increased access to mobile phones in developing countries have the potential to close the digital divide around the world?

Use your journalism skills

Do research and interview your schoolmates about their use of social media and digital tools. Then, you can write an article for the school or local community newspaper or request a slot at your local radio station to speak about what you found.

Be a drama queen (or king)

You can use the power of drama to express concerns about issues like safe use of mobile phones and the Internet or freedom of expression. You could write and act out plays or short skits in drama class or even during an assembly.

A picture tells a thousand words

Hold a competition at your school to design a poster about safe and responsible use of social media and digital tools using the slogan “When you post online, you post to the world.” Consider including the numbers of hotlines that children can call if they are in trouble.

Pledge to become digital citizens

Talk to your principal or teacher about developing a school pledge for responsible use of the Internet, mobile phones and social media. You should interview your schoolmates (boys and girls) of different ages, as well as teachers and parents, to find out what they think. After that, you can draw up the pledge and present it at a special assembly during which everyone can sign it.