“I was able to see new places in the community and I felt closer to it after I saw them. We have a beautiful view of almost the entirety of Rio de Janeiro. I would like people from outside to visit and see it, which will generate income for the community.” Jorrana, 15, Brazil
“Make it happen and changes will come. This is the idea.” Michael, 18, Brazil
“Now I will pass on this idea that people shouldn’t throw trash on the ground or leave it on the road. I didn’t have an idea that the community had so much accumulated trash. I will help to reduce this problem.” Cassio, 16, Brazil
“Children learn easily and influence their parents. A child is capable of changing the behaviour of his parents. And, most importantly, it will grow knowing what it should or should not do to maintain his secure surroundings.” Iuri, 14, Brazil
“Make it happen and changes will come. This is the idea.” Michael, 18, Brazil

“It is a good activity. I was able to learn a job and increase my knowledge on HIV and about my neighborhood as well. This activity is a great thing for the community because most people are unaware about HIV and its methods of transmission. When we walk through the streets, we speak with [community members]; we share what we have learned. People need to know.” Lovelie, 14. Haiti
“I will take advantage of this opportunity to inform other young people in my neighborhood about the risk of getting HIV and AIDS.” Billy, 16, Haiti
“We need to believe.” Michael, 18
“I am very happy to be a part of this activity because I will be able to help solve the problems that affect my neighborhood, such as unhealthy and dangerous places. Children will benefit from that.” King, 13, Haiti