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Fighting 'Brain Drain': Youth Forum on Policy-making

Posted no picture Milica Cvetkovic

no picture Milica Cvetkovic
Member since December 31, 2018
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2018 was a rough year for everyone around the world - from government officials and ministers who were pressed with threats from foreign powers, to solving burning issues on security policy and budgeting in order to open new chapters on the journey to the European Union, to citizens who organized protest walks in order to get their rights back. Amidst all this, it is no surprise that the Balkan countries are still well known for "brain drain", when the requests from youth to make realistic chang...

Holistic approach towards fashion

Posted no picture Dayeeta , Ms

no picture Ms
Member since January 3, 2019
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that American households on an average, spend $1,700 a year on apparel, footwear and related products and services accounting for 3.5 percent of their average annual expenditures.This is not the problem with just American households, but almost every other household around the world. WE not only buy clothes too often, but also throw away so much more that it contributes to a great deal of clutter. Moreover, we wash the clothes in warm water and most of t...

Child soldiers: An effect of conflict in society

Posted no picture Ampah , Student

no picture Student
Member since December 25, 2018
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"Human rights law declare 18 as the minimum legal age of recruitment and use of children in hostilities", yet in conflict societies children as young as age 9 are manipulated, tricked, and forced to combat like soldiers in conflicts. Many children are forced to become child soldiers because they have no option or choice to take in order to survive, in order to get their daily bread, in order to live. It is very sad to see children armed and ready for combat when they are supposed to be free, hav...

Look at the mirror and you'll see the world

Posted Avatar Sea of Lights , I261

Avatar I261
Sea of Lights
Member since December 24, 2018
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  • Age 18

Wish I could go out in this moonless night and take a walk to my grandmother's house...The distance is so far but with these thoughts that are eating me it would feel like a 15 minute walk...The weather is cold out there, but the anger and rage inside of me will warm me for sure...Streets are empty and scary but voices that live inside my mind won't leave me alone as usual...I may feel hungry and crave for food...I may lose all of my energy, but I won't allow myself to stop...not even for taking...

Literacy, hospitality, and Labuan Bajo

Posted no picture Alma Dhiafira , Student

no picture Student
Alma Dhiafira
Member since November 24, 2015
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"What this place offers is more than astonishing, a piece of heaven with good hospitality", said a German tourist about Labuan Bajo, Indonesia. Recently, I just had an opportunity to go to Labuan Bajo. I went there with the purpose of being a speaker for the Indonesia National Library Roadshow. The roadshow consists of two events which is a literacy competition for kindergarten-high school students and a talk show with Vice Regent of West Manggarai, a humanist, a journalist, book writer, and me....

The day everything became impossible

Posted no picture Hamza Yassin , blogger and instructor

no picture blogger and instructor
Hamza Yassin
Member since July 9, 2018
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Can a human being hold a Master’s degree or even a PhD? How is it possible? I believe it is impossible! I still don’t understand what Postgraduate schools offer?My biggest goal I ever set in my school days was to be a Master or PhD holder. I used to say that successful people are relentless goal setters who never give up. I worked hard and I hoped my dream would come true one day. But that dream suddenly came to an end. It was two years ago and I was a junior Art student at a university in So...


Posted no picture Kwon Raabta

no picture Kwon Raabta
Member since December 31, 2018
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Who sought her agonybehind her ‘sweet' smile?Who sought her fearof devils who cravedto eat her freedom?

In the name of healthy interaction

Posted Avatar Zainab Zubair , medical student

Avatar medical student
Zainab Zubair
Member since August 19, 2017
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  • Age 19

A medical degree is regarded as one of the most prestigious feats that can be achieved by a person. Admission into a medical school guarantees you a medical degree in the end, well to about 90% of the people enrolled.Talking about Pakistan, admission into a government medical school is a feat that millions dream of, thousands strive for, and mere hundreds achieve it. When I first saw my name in the selection list for one of the most prestigious medical universities in Pakistan, my immediate feel...

Not doing well in school

Posted Avatar Hazirah Hanifar , Student

Avatar Student
Hazirah Hanifar
Member since January 2, 2019
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  • Age 19

I came from a small school. Two classes, about 50 students per cohort. I also came from a mother who, very early in my life, pushed me to excel and live up to my best potential. She put me in competitions to expand my horizons. She drilled me with primary school assessment books when I was in kindergarten. And I know what it sounds like, but I am so so thankful she did what she did with me. I don’t recall ever feeling too stressed out, I played and had fun and whatnot but when it came to working...

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