2018 Hidden Eco-Hero(in) Awards

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Free source: Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

For the past 11 months (and counting) I have been part of an amazing, children/youth driven Platform called Tunza Eco-Generation. This platform gives a voice to children and youth from across borders and states to put forth current updates about the Earth at large. Be it, climate change, animal poaching or the most recent chatter #BeatPlasticPollution...Since the year 2003, Tunza Eco-Generation's countless members have been releasing reports, taking part in competitions posted by the platform and organising campaigns with the direct support of from them.

I personally have had memorable moments being a member and an ambassador. For instance, being capable of conducting my own awareness project for school children and seeing the smile of their faces as they receive mini notebooks, pens, rulers and bags is something I hold dear to me. This would not be possible if not for the aid I received from Eco-Generation.

I did mention that the platform hosts numerous competitions on a month to month basis...The one I always used to shy away from entering was the Hidden Eco-Hero(in) Awards. This competition awards and appreciates well-known environmental campaign gurus, be it a classmate, neighbour, a friend or anyone who is really passionate about protecting the environment and constantly making substantial efforts towards advocating on behalf of Mother Earth.

This year, I decided to enter, not because I wanted to finally take part in this competition for the mere sake of taking part, but because I have witnessed someone whom personifies integrity, is the epitome of inspiration, an Earth advocate and to whom I look up to with the utmost respect.

She goes by the name of Ms. Margo Tamzone Adonis. I nominated her because apart from being dubbed a Ms. Earth South Africa finalist, she (through the given opportunity) has also undertaken many river cleans ups, tree planting campaigns, and environmental awareness visits to a number of schools and communities.

Want to further read up on her work? Great!

Please click on the link below. Feel free to join the movement and share her story as it may inspire someone around you to stand up and act today!

Margo is currently in the running with 5 other admirable nominees: https://www.facebook.com/ecogeneration/posts/2324948784244478

The Official Tunza Eco-Generation Website: https://tunza.eco-generation.org/competitonWinnersView.jsp?viewID=45776&searchType=&searchName=&sear....

In closing I would like to quote a line that Margo uses "Greening the future minds is greening our world!" And I concur with that completely.

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