A letter to my younger intern self

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Hannah Rafter - founder of The Intern 24/7

Hannah Rafter - founder of The Intern 24/7

Dear Hannah,

You ready? I don't think you are. At the moment you're 18 and thinking you're re-inventing the wheel by interning...news flash, thousands of other girls are also doing the same across the country. So buckle up and get ready to compete. Just kidding, it's not a competition, but you'll feel like it is at times. Get ready to walk into rooms filled with celebrities, reality TV stars you can't stand, some of your heroes and some people who are so high on their own supply it'll make you question why you're working in fashion. Ignore the glitz and the glam and listen up...get your notebook ready because you're about to the learn more in the next 2 years than you did your whole life in school.

So, you'll move to New York and it'll change your life. You'll start a blog that'll be the best and most rewarding thing you do...and you'll also start to build an app that sets you up nicely for graduate life and the working world. Oh and pay more attention to the "nerds" in office... as you'll wish you were one at 23.

Stop second guessing your career choices and roll with it. You will find your feet and feel more experienced and ready for the working world than you could ever have imagined.

Don't be so hard on yourself, block out the noise and be yourself.

Oh, and remember people’s names... because 23-year-old you has a contact book on your phone with names of people, the companies they work at and the colour of clothing they were wearing when you first met... which, just isn’t sustainable.

You have a mad, crazy and very scary few years ahead, but you're going to laugh a lot and learn the meaning of a hard work ethic.

Ok...good luck, your gonna need it.

Kind regards,

Hannah (24 mentally 38)

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