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Discovering how to become the best version of oneself.
Image: Bexels - Emily Ranquist

Discovering how to become the best version of oneself. Image: Bexels - Emily Ranquist

A good name, fame, wealth and riches, the state of being a first-class personality, one who has the best of awards, most expensive of cars and jewellery, or the most successful career – these are all things that an average student may dream of and hope to accomplish in the future.

Everyone has the ability to dream, but the problem is that a relatively high percentage of dreamers have their dreams remain simply as dreams and never actually see the fantasies turn into realities. Many however have the capacity and enablement to actualize their dreams but are just too lazy to do so, while some others who have worked diligently for some time and accomplished to a significant point become satisfied with what they have already attained and just stop pushing forward. In the end, only few among the whole crowd that started come to accomplish even far more than they ever dreamed of.

Now what really makes the difference? What reasons can be given to the fact that given the same amount of time and level of resources, many will make nothing out of them, some will make up to a significant level, while just a few will make out better than one could imagine?

The answers lie within the attributes and acts of each category towards, not just being successful in what they do, but also being the best they can possibly be in them.

So how can you actually be the best you can be? The key points are outlined below:

First and foremost, you must have your goals. To be a master achiever, you must first be a goal-setter, meaning that you must be able to set out all the aims and objectives you have for yourself and the time frame in which you hope to achieve them. You cannot just go about chasing your dreams blindly but you need to have goals that would serve as checkpoints towards actualizing your vision.

Secondly, a personal commitment, a strong desire and the zeal to achieve your dreams are required because they are what will serve as driving forces that will help propel you to keep working harder and to never give up irrespective of whatsoever difficulties you face. People say one should never give up on one’s dreams but the fact is that only a strong will that comes from oneself will make one keep pushing forward and aiming higher.

In addition, being the best you can be, entails being versatile in both the things you do and how you do them. To be versatile means to be competent, clever and good in many things. A versatile person is one who is not just talented and diligent in one field but someone who is successful and excels in a variety of fields. Always remember to keep an open mind and make the best out of every good opportunity that comes your way. In this way you would find your horizons expanding further than you ever thought they could.

Finally, you have to realize that to be the best, you must be with the best. It is undoubtedly and indisputably better to move with people who are more intelligent, hardworking and successful than you are, than to be moving with those whom you are sure that you are better than. The reason being that when you are with those who seem to be better than you, you would be moved and compelled to work harder on yourself in order to surpass them with greater achievements of your own. Unlike when you are with those on the other side who would just make you relax and be satisfied with your present self.

In conclusion, being the best means aiming higher and working harder than ever so you can actually see your dreams come true. You should never be among those who only worship celebrities, public figures and the likes, but instead, you ought to work until those ‘idols’ become your rivals. Be fresh, be cool, be smart and always remember two things: the sky is not the limit, it is just the beginning and you don’t become phenomenal in your success without working hard more phenomenally than others.


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