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Free source: Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Walking up the corner of the street, I see a lady dressed in Indian ethnic clothing, conversing in the purest of the pure Hindi. Upon viewing this scenario, I immediately labelled her as an orthodox, new to the city, perhaps technology and maybe illiterate.

The next day, when I forcefully go to school, half asleep on the second last desk, I see a lady dressed in red, with a strong voice and Hindi, as pure as snow. Perhaps the same lady I encountered yesterday. I’m paralysed as my predictions and judgments have completely falsified. She fits into none of my criteria for being illiterate or new to technology or even the city?

Perhaps, today she is a Hindi Professor of mine with a prestigious master’s degree obtained.

I realise so many people like her are judged, based on what? The clothes they wear? The language they speak? Which are our own traditional clothes and our own mother tongues? Discrimination on the basis of clothing and language seems to be increasing as we are introduced to new technology. We discriminate our own people for keeping traditions and our own culture, fighting the western beliefs as they slowly integrate into our country, losing, annexing our own languages and traditions. As India opened markets for westerners, our culture was made the ultimate target to boost sales. Today, it seems to decay at a faster pace than ever.

We punishing our own people for keeping our traditions and our languages alive is one of the most brutal things you can do today. Why punish them for catalysing the fight in keeping our own traditions? Culture and traditions are the essence of a country, we are the ones who are responsible, we are the carriers, we are the concerned and we are the rescuers. A male dressed in a suit, is probably thought to be more educated, wealthy and responsible, versus a male dressed in a kurta or a tika on his head? Even if it is the other way around, we constantly distinguish and discriminate a human dressed in traditional. Not only adults, even kids are called names if they wear traditional clothing at school, considering it's normal, isn't it? Countries like France and Germany enjoy the wealth from people who are attracted by their culture, visiting it every year to see their culture and traditions. What spirit do they have? I believe they mandate and strongly continue their traditions even to this year. The question lies, is there a direct link between cultural progress and financial progress? Probably, there is.

My voice is a strong one, yours is to, just divert it in a right direction, and you’ll feel blessed from bharat ma as we say. Jai Hind!

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