Can technology help us in school?

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Photo by Lex Photography from Pexels

Photo by Lex Photography from Pexels

Technology can help students to learn and study easier and in more accessible ways. Technology is helpful because it allows the students to be more exposed to different methods of teaching; they can easily access information in a short period of time, and lastly, it also benefits the teachers.

Technology allows students to be more exposed through online classes such as Gooru, Edmodo, Google Classroom, etc. In using these online sites, the students can learn and ask for the PowerPoints and documents that the teachers used so they can download and study them. Through these sites, students can understand more lessons and they can save time because they don’t really need to take down notes.

Through technology, students can also access more information on the internet. With this situation, they can easily access the information they want in a short period of time so they can have more time to work on other things. Using books, students consume too much time in finding the information that they badly need but with the internet, within just one click the answer or information that they need will come out. Less hassle indeed!

Lastly, teachers can also benefit here because they can teach the students through online class and they can communicate with their students anytime. The teachers can give their students quizzes through educational sites and they can have more access to credible and trusted sites so they can have more ideas on the lessons that they’ll teach.

Technology nowadays is very helpful especially in school. We all use technology and technology makes our lives easier as well as our schooling.


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