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Free source: Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Covering your eyes with your own hands and living in total darkness doesn’t mean that the light does not exist.

When world leaders are denying climate change reports and working on abolishing confirmed truths, it is not only a disrespect to activists and scientists’ efforts to mitigate climate change but it, also, puts the life of the future generation in jeopardy. While thousands of people are fighting for their lives in the face of sever weather cases, people in power are still debating the mere existence of climate change. The increasing rates of greenhouse gas emissions reflects the indifference of particular corporations and moguls, as well as the apathy of several of the people we elected into office, towards our right and need to enjoy a clean environment and live in a secure world.

Climate change is dramatically damaging our earth and destroying mother nature. People are losing their homes and lives to wildfires and others are leaving their homes and lands behind because these changes are affecting their livelihood. Hundreds of whales have died on our shores because they have swallowed our plastics and we made hundreds of other species leave their homelands because we invaded their shelters and uprooted their lives. We are breathing the air we make and it is smoky with greed and ugliness. We are living the life we created for ourselves and it is miserable as we forget how to care for each others and don’t see beyond our needs and desires. We are living individually; fear smearing our souls. We are building walls upon our wired borders; living the life of every human being for themselves.

Not knowing that no one could survive by themselves; we are created to be each others’ healers, helpers and supporters. You cannot think of a future without your family, friends, loved ones, fellow human beings and mother nature. We cannot ignore that our actions are affecting us all and we cannot disregard that ones action is as important to the climate mitigation efforts as trees are vital to our existence.

We cannot let these people decide our future for us; we have to vote and elect those who believe in humanity and in our cause. We have to elect into office people who respect our needs and recognize the danger we are bound to face. After the release of the IPCC report we now can see that thinking and acting alone is not enough anymore; we have to think and plan together, we have act together because mitigating as proven is not sufficient and it is high time for adaptation.

There is no time left for denial and ignorance- if we want to survive and help other species survive this apocalypse we have to be one; undivided!

In the end, I would like to say thank you to the scientists who work relentlessly to help us learn more about climate change and I would like to thank and hail my fellow activists who are out there doing their best to help their communities learn and adapt to climate change. Dear scientists and activists, you are our real heroes!

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