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UPDATE: Deadline for submissions extended to 23 September.

How many times have you watched a video clip about internet safety and thought to yourself: “Hmm that's boring or lame...I can do better” ?

We're giving you that chance…

As part of our involvement in the Global Youth Summit: BYND2015 and the Be Smart Be Safe session, we're launching a competition to give young people the chance to help us create a powerful awareness raising video about internet safety.

We're looking for ideas - not videos themselves. The winning idea will be created into a video by UNICEF - similar to these. This video will be used by UNICEF and its partners to advocate for smart and safe use of the internet among young people, and the winner's name will be included in the video credit and in the media buzz that we'll create.

How do I enter my idea?

You can access all the instructions and submission details here. Don't forget to read all the rules and regulations on page 2.

Your idea can be captured in text, photo, video, sound, song - as long as the file format can be uploaded.

All conceptswill need to be submitted via a special Google + page that has been created - it is very easy. SUBMIT HERE.

The submission deadline is next week Monday 16 September.

If you have any comments or questions you can leave a comment here or tweet us @voicesofyouth

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