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A better internet - the choice is in your hands

In September of last year Voices of Youth joined the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) at the BYND2015 Global Youth Summit in Costa Rica to promote online safety and responsible internet use among children and young people.

As part of the session on online safety, entitled 'Be Smart, Be Safe' a competition was launched asking young people to develop a concept for an awareness-raising video. The winning concept - shown in this video - was designed by Rebeca Mariño Oviedo from Costa Rica, and shows that young people can make the right choices when navigating the online world, promoting education and empowerment as strategies for creating a better internet.

The video is part of series developed since 2010 through the Voices of Youth Citizens initiative from UNICEF, which focuses on understanding how increased ICT use impacts the rights and well-being of children and young people, looking at both opportunities and risks. Since 2010, more than 12 countries have joined the initiative, working in partnership with the VOY Citizens team and their partners to study the use of social media and ICTs by young people and to promote positive use.

To read more about the initiative visit the Voices of Youth Citizens page on VOY and check out the special featured section focusing on safer internet use.

And congratulations once again to Rebeca!

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