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Deforestation (Mau Forest Complex)

Deforestation (Mau Forest Complex)

Participating in the Climate Mapping Exercise was both an amazing and educative experience for me. Taking a walk within the community to capture stories and reports for the digital map made me notice many environmental issues that I had not paid attention to previously.

Before receiving the participation confirmation email I imagined that I would work together with other selected participants (as a team). Little did I know that the exercise would take me to a path that I had to create individually. I used my curiosity and love for traveling and adventure to make my mapping experience a success. Curiosity enabled me gather adequate information about the environmental topics I chose to explore. My love for traveling kept me enthusiastic about moving from one place to another, in the spirit of adventure.

I am glad I was warmly received in places where I had to talk to community members. Through their cooperation I gained a lot of information about the positive actions that have been taken in the community, regarding the environment and climate change. I created reports for all the four categories and managed to create a total of 21 reports. Through creating reports I became more knowledgeable about the environmental status of my community. I learned about how weather and climatic conditions affect my community and the areas affected by man-made destruction and pollution. I also found out about hazards affecting the environment and examples of positive actions taken in my community.

I recently represented my country, Kenya, at the iLIVE2LEAD International Youth Leadership Summit on the Environment in Ningxia, China. At the summit youths interacted and shared ideas on how to address Climate Change and its effect around the globe. By participating in the summit I became an International Youth Climate Champion.

I am grateful to UNICEF-Voices of Youth for the opportunity I was given to be a Youth Climate mapper. I look forward to other similar opportunities. As an International Youth Climate Champion I am excited to see how youths from different parts of the world have actively participated in the Climate Mapping Exercise. I am honored to be among this group of youths. I believe that this is the right time for the youth to get actively involved in policy and decision making in their countries., especially on environmental and climate issues.

#It is time for Climate Action # I am for Climate Action#.

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