Digital Media & Child Rights - 2014 Day of General Discussion

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A better internet - the choice is in your hands

How many children around the world use the internet and mobile phones?

How are children using social media?

What are the risks to children using digital tools?

What are the opportunities for improving access to information and education?

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child tells the world the rights that ALL children have. But the Convention came about in 1989 - long before the internet became available to everyone; long before nearly everyone had a mobile phone.

The huge growth in access to the internet, mobile phones, social media etc., has of course led to questions about the impact these technologies have on children's rights...and how we can understand the Convention in this day and age.

The great thing is that the way the Convention was written makes it just as relevant today as before - even though so much has changed and we live in a digital era.

Tomorrow will shine the spotlight on this.

The Committee on the Rights of the Child - a body of independent experts who are responsible for reviewing progress made by countries in implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child - decided that their 2014 Day of General Discussion (DGD) would be dedicated to “Digital media and children’s rights”.

The discussion will take place on Friday 12 September 2014 during the 67th session of the Committee in Geneva.

You can participate via Twitter using #DGD2014 and/or Facebook during the event by leaving a comment on the page. You can also makes submissions of your thoughts and feelings on the matter here.

The event will also be broadcast live via

Finally make sure you check out all the great resources (reports & videos) that we've produced as part of our Voices of Youth Citizens initiative.

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