Ditching dread and befriending hope!

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Free source: Pixabay

Free source: Pixabay

I’ve recently have made a new friend. Dread. The uneasy feeling has become a constant companion but is most definitely an unwelcome one. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment we became inseparable but its been making its presence much more known in the past little while. I sense that my looming adulthood might have something to do with it. Slowly, that youthful idealization is being chipped away, one horrific news story at a time. My most visited sites on my laptop used to be news sites but now I cannot even stomach the headlines, let alone actually read the article. This technique is keeping me uninformed but it helps keep Dread at bay.

When I was younger, the future I used to daydream about was a utopia, one where conflict and inequality were relics of the past and peace prevailed. The older I get, the less I feel that the idyll I dreamt of will ever come to fruition. I’d like to thank Dread for the new-found pessimism. The thing about friends like Dread is that they’ll pain terribly bleak pictures so that they can keep you idle and inane.

While the world isn’t all sunshine and roses, there are people who’ve successfully ditched Dread and befriended Hope, Purpose and Ambition. While we shouldn’t lie to ourselves and deny the crises that plague the Earth, if we spend more time sulking then taking action, then we are wasting precious time. This is not to say that you alone are responsible for solving the world’s problems. We are only human; fallible and flawed humans. I keep forgetting that I’m human. That I alone cannot change the world and that the onus of creating a better future is not mine alone. I’m not suppose to carry the brunt of my generation’s worries. But I do have the duty of staying informed and doing my part. Maybe it’s volunteering to clean up the local parks or using reusable products. Whatever it may be, there is something we can all do to make the world even an iota better!

It very easy to fall into the trap of thinking the world is meant to be unequal and unfair and to just accept it but it doesn’t have to be this way! My father, a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom, always tells me “Fatima, one person alone can only do so much. It is only in groups that real change can begin. You may have an idea but you need others to help you realize it!”.

While the future will always be uncertain, that shouldn’t stop us from trying to make a difference. Our planet is counting on us and letting it down is truly a life or death situation!

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