Does social media and mobile phones enable cyberbullying?

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UNICEF tackles cyberbullying

The internet provides us with so many opportunities to socialize, entertain ourselves and learn; but there is also an unpleasant side. In recent years more and more people have been paying attention to the issue of ‘cyberbullying’ – which is bullying that takes place using digital tools like mobile phones and computers.

What do you think...

1. Do you think that social media and the use of mobile phones is making it easier for young people to bully one another?

Tip: Think about your own experiences. If you don't feel comfortable, ask your friends' or your family members to share their experiences.

2. What support services do you think could help young people if they are experiencing bullying problems?

Tip: Think about what role YOU and your friends can play in ending this behavior. What methods have successfully worked for you in the past?

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