Finding my oasis in the desert of life

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Free Source: Dan Grinwis From Unsplash

Free Source: Dan Grinwis From Unsplash

Finding myself in Life's Wilderness

I try to look for a starting point


I find none

I keep walking on and on

trying to lay my eyes on my goal


I seem LOST

I have been merry go rounding throughout my life while looking for a pillar to cling to

An Anchor to hold on to

Praying for an oasis on my desert

All I see is a dry land

A land without prospects

A future without happiness

A harvest time without produce

I have become a living corpse

Smiling despite dying inside

I look like a flourishing plant to others

While deep down

I am a wretched soul

I lack focus

I lack courage

I lack direction

I lack purpose

I am no longer myself


I can't find myself

Instead of walking in a flourishing garden, I find myself walking in a desert

A desert of pain

A desert of neglect

A desert of failure

A desert of trials

A desert of Anguish

A desert of torment

Living in a desert of shame

My soul cries out to me to find my oasis

I strive to seek water

I seek joy and calmness in my life

I find Absolutely Nothing


I found a well in my desert

Calm in my calamity

Peace in my problems

Ability in my disability

After many years of being shaken by the storms of life

I was able to find my oasis in the desert

My pillar admits the ruins

Beauty from Ashes

I finally found rest in the arms of the saviour


Now I can Visualize and Activate my Future.

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