I'd Like To Pretend

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I'd like to pretend that our world was a haven

kindness and and compassion ruling the land

no pain or suffering

no sorrow at someone else's hand

I'd like to imagine an earth

without toil wearing it away

birds singing in the crisp spring breeze

their fledglings in flight by May

Should I dare dream a day

when tears are no longer shed

anguish is but a distant memory

and the starving poor are fed

Can I wish for a time

where appearance is not all one sees

when one pulls back facades

and tries to look beneath

I'd like to pretend that

wars were never fought

hearts never broke

love was never wasted

the unkind never spoke

thirst was but a mirage

hunger unknown to man

hatred a distant nightmare

discrimination forever banned

wrong never confused for right

courage within us all

to take a stand and fight

to make the evil fall

It would be so much easier to just ignore all our problems, right? I'd like to pretend the world was perfect, that we didn't have any issues that need fixing. But I can't. WE can't, and realizing that is the first step in making real change happen.

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