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Berklee Indian Ensemble ft. Armeen Musa - Jaago Piya

A white tree!

Trying to grow in a garden which is full of dirt and dust.

She faces storm everyday that wants to stop her from growing.

But she never does.

She shares all her pain through such beautiful arts that it makes her even more pure.

One day I asked her how can you be so benignant when the whole world is so barbaric?

She said, life is all about perspective you see!

Turn that storm into a flower and add it in your body.

Be so kind that your body will attract more and more kindness.

Since that day I am trying to be so.

This is what I wrote about Armeen Musa months ago. She is not just an incredibly talented musician but also an entrepreneur, activist and a philanthropist. She is a good human being basically. She is that kind of person that you would want to have in your life.

She is the first person from Bangladesh to ever graduate from Berklee College Of Music. She is one of those few celebrities of Bangladesh who take a stand for what they believe is right. She talks about her problems openly just so another person can erase their pain somehow. You can’t say she is not beautiful because she is living a true and honest life.

She is my employer, my teacher, my friend and most importantly my role model, who always inspires me to be myself.

Hi Armeen Apu (Sister), so today I am your interviewer. Am I the youngest and the most immature one who has ever interviewed you?

(Laughter) You may be the youngest but definitely not the most immature.

I am honoured. Okay, now can you tell me what describes Armeen Musa best?

Love? I love getting love, giving love, being in love through music.

Amazing. Who is your inspiration? Or what is your source of inspiration?

My mom. She's amazing; she's got this passion for life even in the darkest days that really inspires me.

Your whole family is into classical music. You even went to Visva-Bharati University which was founded by world poet Rabindranath Tagore. But then why choosing a different musical path for you?

When I decided to pursue music the natural choice was to study Hindustani classical, like everyone before me as a base for learning. But a few months into my course I missed the other aspect of music that has shaped me equally - so the Western side, the composer side. At that time it felt like I want to focus more on overall music than being a singer. And henceforth it's been just that. I don't identify as a singer, I identify as a musician.

How was the feeling of doing Jaago Piya with Berklee Indian Ensemble? I don’t know if you know this or not, but the current view of this song on Youtube is 398,937 and growing.

Wow that's amazing. I am humbled and honored the college took my composition, and has helped put Bengali music on the international scene.

You have recently sung for an Indian film. This is your second time in fact. How do you feel when you represent Bangladesh beyond its borders? Is it scary sometimes? I mean this is a big responsibility.

Honestly, I don't look at it like that. I'm a musician, it's all music. The only thing that scares me is singing, as I compose more. But I love it, singing is my first love so I’m very excited to meet more people around the world and present my voice instead of my compositions.

You do a lot of music tours outside of Bangladesh. I bet you are a girl who loves travelling. Is it so?

Yes! I love travelling. But even though I’m on tour, just like any other job its work, so we don't get to do sightseeing or anything. But seeing different musicians and venues is always amazing.

You always talk about humanity and compassion through your poems. Why are they so important for you?

I think it's important to everyone? My poetry is just my thoughts, so sometimes it's about food, sometimes it's about humanity, whatever's on my mind really. But in all honesty we all need to think a bit more in general.

You also talk about mental depression very openly. What is it that made you do it?

That was a choice I made. When I moved to Bangladesh I was having trouble adjusting and unlike in the US there were not many places where I could ask for help. So I decided to write about my own journey and I'm so grateful that it has connected me to a lot of people. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, it should be discussed more so it can be accepted and treated as the very common phenomenon that it is.

What is the one thing you would like to say to our youth?

Find your spiritual journey in life, it's the only thing that'll ever matter.

Do you think I am a bad interviewer? (Laughter)

No you're amazing! (Now where's my treat?)

I hope I did a fair job in portraying this amazing and grounded woman. Hopefully you will listen to her music and read her poems, no matter where you are, as she believes in loving the earth beyond the borders with music.

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