Is Using Technology in School Effective?

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Technology has taken over our world in the past several years and it has really had a great impact on humanity. It helps people do things that otherwise look impossible to attain. It also makes work and processes easier and faster which helps towards the economic success of different nations. People don’t only apply in doing jobs, but also in teaching. Using technology in school is very effective for the students because it helps them to access many learning materials, it strengthens their digital citizenship skills and lastly, it helps them keep up with modernization.

Technology helps students access many learning materials and it has many things to offer. “The Internet gives students instant access to answers beyond what’s in their textbooks”, says Willie Mata. It makes them not rely only on their textbooks because there are lots of applications and websites that they can access within just a few clicks on their devices. Integrating technology into the classroom is an effective way to connect with students of all learning styles. Also, it makes available different learning styles that provide new ways of learning for the students, not just through the traditional ways.

Furthermore, technology strengthens the digital citizenship skills of students, which helps them become responsible, safe, and helps them avoid committing cyber crimes such as plagiarism and cyberbullying. They need to understand the importance of using digital content appropriately. By using websites, applications and media, students can practice and develop the skills to be good digital citizens.

Moreover, as our world transforms, there are also new things which are suitable for today that we need to learn – 21st-century skills. “The education in the 21st century will be a new type of modern education which differs from the old one in several aspects,” say Wu & Zhan. Also, technology and modernization is always connected. The application of technology and mechanization in life is an important characteristics of modernization. If the students are now learning how to use technology, they can stand out in the future and they can be ready to face the struggles of the new world.

Technology is everywhere. It is now part of the education system which is really effective and helpful for the student to learn relevant and new things in an easier and accessible way. Those things can be the tools that they can use to face life in the modern world. They can also use it to develop, innovate and transform lives.

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