Is your internet use smart and safe?

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Do you know the person chatting to you on the latest viral video thread?

Do they know your full name, your address, or maybe your phone number?

Have you ever been a victim of hurtful messages and photos spread on social media?

Did you get denied access to college, university or even employment because of something you posted online?

On day two of the Global Youth Summit: BYND2015 next week, UNICEF and Voices of Youth will join the ITU and other partners in talking with youth about online and internet safety. Participants of the summit will take part in discussions about issues such as cyberbullying, self-exposure, information privacy, online reputation and grooming. Participants will also share their views about how these issues are communicated to young people, and also put forward their own ideas for awareness-raising campaigns.

If you want to learn more about online safety issues don't forget to check out all the resources available on VOY in the Citizens section.

Stay tuned to VOY for updates from the Summit and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest: @voicesofyouth #BYND2015

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