My body is not your bed

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need I remind you

that my heart is still beating

that my brain is still working

that I am very much living

because last time I checked

I'm not an empty body for you to play with

nor a doll to abuse without consequence

but I am a girl

raised in place where I mustn't dare speak up

for all the "me too's" in the world are countered by

"whores!" and "slut!"

I suppose speaking means that there's something wrong in our makeup

some wiring malfunction in our machinery

but tell me

if you need to hold down your lover

and simultaneously suppress her screams

aren't you the broken one?

i'm sorry your fragile ego assumed

that my 'fragile' girl body

could take your violent approach

i'm sorry that my every shriek

fell on deaf ears

i'm sorry that I'm not there to satisfy your every craving

that my joy doesn't include fulfilling your desires

but let me make one thing clear.

I'm not sorry, and will never be sorry for fighting your tyranny

I do not need to be fixed.

It's the hole in your heart that needs mending.

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