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In Gwansan-dong, South Korea where our school is located, we have devised a program to induce economic growth. We believe that further economic development of our district is necessary because it is behind many others.

Initially we thought that as students the activities we could do to make a change were limited. Our school has been making various donations for Gwansan-dong through activities such as the Gwansandong Project, but we wanted to help even more.

As part of the Global Citizenship Challenge we came up with an idea where the government decided to purchase food materials from Nonghyup's local food shop in Gwansan-dong to help the economy grow. This may seem trivial, but by purchasing local products it has had a big meaning in promoting local employment. Through this process, the government concluded its activities to fulfill the obligations of citizens around the world in globalization.

We've shared our idea for the Global Citizenship Challenge on social media to spread the word about the local food purchase movement. In addition, we wrote this article on Voices of Youth to inform people around the world about our project activities.

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