Research Project: Rights of the Child for the Digital Age

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Something pretty important is happening on the 12th of September this year. The UN Committee for the Rights of the Child will meet in Geneva to discuss updating the Convention for the Rights of the Child for a digital age. The world has certainly changed a lot since the 1980′s, the decade throughout which the convention was first drafted!

To assist the Committee in their deliberations, and to ensure that young people’s experiences can directly inform their discussion, we are currently working on a very exciting research project that aims to capture young people’s insights on their rights in the age of digital technology. Project outcomes will include a short video capturing the diverse experiences of young people in locations on all continents, a ‘story-book’ and a report, all of which will be shown and/or distributed at the meeting in September.

What is involved?

In short, we are looking to find out how digital technology is being used around the world, and what opportunities and challenges this provides in facilitating children’s rights. We ask you to:

- Reach out to your networks of young people: Find between 1 and 10 young people under the age of 18 who would like to take part in a 3 hour work-shop activity- Schedule the workshop activity to take place sometime between the 14th and the 30th of July- Create content with young people!Submit creative content (video/audio recordings, photography, photos of drawings, flip books) to the research team on or before July 31, 2014.

And what is the activity? What kinds of content are we looking for?

To start off, working as a group, the young people will be asked to draw up a 24 hour or weekly timeline showing their technology use. Once this technology use information is captured participants will be asked to undertake a short activity to identify how their technology use might augment or impede their rights.

Following on from this activity, we have a few short “vox pop” questions that we would love video/audio or written responses to.

Then finally, the opportunity for a creative response, allowing the young people to get creative by making a video, or a flip book, a drawing, or photography in response to questions regarding the timeline.

How can you get involved?

Please click on the following survey link to register interest.

Pretty exciting isn’t it? We hope you can be involved, even though the timelines are short. If you think this is something that you can bring some young people together for, there is a fantastic team ready to support you in bringing this project to life!

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