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In today's globalised world, so many people are getting more and more immersed into technology.

When I go out on my way to school in the mornings, I see bleary-eyed adults sitting on the train, reading emails from their employers or talking agitatedly into the phone. I see teenagers, earphones plugged in, listening to music, some not much older than myself, scrolling through messages on their phone, checking their feed and liking pictures posted by others. I see little children walking down the street, both hands rapidly flying over the surface of their handphones - playing a game, perhaps, or texting friends.

While all this change is positive, sometimes I wonder if we have unknowingly given up a part of ourselves, too. The ability to socialise with people, to just sit there and rest, instead of feeling obliged to flip open your phone and check what your cousin studying overseas has posted, or a reminder from your mother telling you to buy some milk on the way back home.

We have become trapped in our own little bubbles in a city so crowded. Here in Singapore, there is a population of 5.75 million- living in 719.1 square kilometres of land. Yet, it is possible to feel quite isolated when walking down the streets, because all around you, people are walking with heads bowed down, hardly noticing their surroundings.

I think that it is important that we realise we've created a bubble around ourselves, and learn how to pop it so we can be part of the world again. The world is not just contained in a single phone.

The world is around you, right now. A phone can always be checked later.

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