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When I ask people questions regarding climate change I receive many answers; but most of them go along these lines: "it is God who made the Earth he obviously has a plan," or "the earth is probably just changing to prepare us for evolution". Whatever the case Earth is our home and it is our responsibility to maintain it.

When dealing with a problem we often need to first identify the problem; in this case the problem is climate change. Climate change is defined as the change in weather patterns because of human activities or the various changes to weather patterns due to human activities.

Now that we know the problem we have to adapt to the situation. Adaption is defined as adjustments to natural or human systems in response to experienced or future changes and extreme events or their effects. To adapt is also to change or adjust from the usual way of life because things are not the same anymore and will not be even more difficult to predict in the future.

So climate change adaptation is the measure one takes to adjust to climate change.

One way to adapt is by doing projects in our communities and schools. For example by promoting conservation agriculture. When we use these and other in genius methods to adapt we give mother earth time to heal.

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