Spelling In The Digital Age - Does It Matter?

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People like me, who still text without abbreviation!

People like me, who still text without abbreviation!

Today, we live in a world where everything is digital. I typed this blog post on a digital device and most likely, you are reading it on one. Digital and electronic devices have been integrated into our environments in such a way that we barely take notice.

The world today texts more than ever, and given the fact that people are extremely busy and continuously running out of time, it not unnatural to come across various forms of abbreviations that are used while communicating to instant messaging. We have evolved in ways more than one because of technology, and so has our language. A few common examples would be replacing 'you' with 'u' or 'why' with 'y'. One of the other reasons behind this is the fact that, in the past, text messages had a limit in and you had to pay if you went over it.

All of this does more than evolving our language, it changes it for the next generation altogether.

Let's face it, spelling can be complicated, and we’ve all had a hard time learning it at some point. We also know that everything from spelling rules and sentence structure, to contextual usage and the basic meanings of words, have been changing since the beginning of language. The question is, is it time we have new rules for the digital age, for the tech-savvy generation? Should we write only phonetically and omit all the extra frills of the language?

The answer to this can be derived only by answering another question. What is the goal of language? Is it beautification or is it to convey messages and ideas?

The basic idea of standardizing spellings was to generalise and unify the way we all write, unlike other aspects of language like the choice of words, which display our individuality and style of writing. If that is so, shouldn't the standardised spellings be the simplest and in the most basic form so that it is easy for everyone to learn a language?

In my opinion, unless a language revolution completely takes over the world and evry1 strts writng like ths...let's just concentrate on learning our spellings, shall we?

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