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We're looking for mappers to bring youth voices around environmental issues to the COP 21 in Paris. To apply submit this form by Monday, June 15th 2015.

Last September 2014 and March 2015 some of you helped us create a digital map showing the challenges and the positive actions taken around the world to address environmental issues and the impact of disasters on our communities.

Have you ever sat in a classroom so hot that you couldn’t focus?

Did you get irritated lately at someone throwing trash on the streets/park/beach?

If you believe that we should do something about these issues and how they affect people around the world every day, make your voice heard and help us continue building up the digital Climate Change Map.

In December 2015, during the 21st edition of the Conference of Parties on Climate Change, over 196 countries will gather in Paris to sign an agreement on a new plan to address the Climate crisis.

To help bring the voices of young people to the forefront of this conference, we need you to tell us what environmental challenges your community faces - and the positive steps that are being taken to address these issues.

How? Through digital mapping!

During a period of 10 days (from June 18th to June 28th), selected ‘mappers’ will share with the world specific environmental challenges and actions in their communities by uploading pictures and geo-location reports to a special UNICEF global digital map focusing on climate change and the environment

If you are between 18 and 26 years old, have access to a computer and the Internet, and have an interest in environmental issues, you can apply to participate in this digital mapping activity by filling out this form by Monday, June 15th 2015.

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