Technology is Taking Away

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Oldies will relate and so will those who grew up in 80’s and 90’s: on one hand, technological development has given us fast-paced, easily accessible lives with too many choices, and at the same time it has taken away a lot from us.

I grew up in the age of no mobile phones; the era when computers were just too new and luxuriously costly; the era when the landline in my house with expensive call rates for incoming as well outgoing call rates was the only hope for communication to our estranged friends and relatives. Not just for us – our whole neighborhood relied on it. Neighbors used to gel well, and the world was more socially bonded. But technology took it away.

Coming back from school, after our meal, every kid was on the playground and in the park with bat, ball, or football. We all indulged in the play of life, forgetting the rest of world. But slowly video games entered our lives; richer friends started isolating themselves and soon a trend began. The playgrounds got emptier. Yes, technology took it away.

It wasn’t easy for love birds too. Those Tring Tring phones with no message and chat facility, forget the video calls. The attempts wasted as someone else took call…but we kept trying. That feeling was different. In those times, at night we slept well without chats and had much to talk about when we met in person. I am sure we all miss it.

Everyone embraces accessibility rightly so but you will also embrace the fact that hard-earned things taste sweeter. Everybody has handsets and internet too. Things can be easily downloaded, purchased and enjoyed. But just look back and remember the era when it wasn’t that easy in the process to reach things many memories were formed. I miss it. The era where you were a bit restricted to follow your inhibitions, or to pursue some wishes like movies or stuffs. It was technically impossible but you had to work hard to achieve it. You usually stood out with a winner’s hat. Don’t you miss it?

We used to wait for exam results together in café, or even before the news bulletin. It was too much waiting. Some laughed with a high five, some wept. All the emotion was celebrated together. But that’s no more true. It’s all isolated, and yes, we miss it.

I miss it when I don’t see grandpas playful with their children. I miss it when I don’t see kids holding their father’s hand in the market learning the traits of life. I miss it when I like people on FB and Instagram but we hardly get to meet them as everybody is busy. Yes, I miss it and technology took it away.

Kites in sky are missing, ladai in razai are missing, missing are the moment when the whole family sat together watching the same TV show. Missing are the fights for the remotes. Jokes are there with no more laughs but with lol, ROFL and smileys staring back…but that cheerful smile of my friends is missing.

I don’t blame technology as evolution is a part of life, but just look behind you will feel it took away things. It took away something relevant, it took away a part of life which we all miss it.!

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