The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Free source: Photo by Thomas Cizauskas on Flickr

Free source: Photo by Thomas Cizauskas on Flickr

History teaches humans many verities. We have learned and discovered lots of lessons from the world wars. We learned that no one is stronger than others, no one is above. In fact, we had realized everyone was created equally and through the respect of that truth we can live a prosperious and peacefull life.

The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) is the aftermath of the devastating consequences of world wars. It's a very significant document and outstanding merit that should be admired by all of us.

United Nations adopted the UDHR in December 10th 1948. It's international principles were agreed by communities around the globe.

According to the declaration, the fundamental principle of human rights is "to protect the human dignity that everyone had inherited" without discriminating or leaving no one behind.

These set of rights are promoting human dignity by securing liberty, freedom, life, and justice. And together these principles can establish peace everywhere; that is why the UDHR is a document definitely worth admiring.

Human rights are serving as global guidelines and a shield for human dignity for more then 6 decades. The world has transformed and achieved during the 70 years of human right advocacy, but the mission is not yet accomplished.

Human rights need more endeavours and commitments to be promoted and protected. Because, it's not just fulfilling our rights, but also making our lives better.

The UDHR was a very plucky move and the world is been transfigured by the begining of human rights. In short, human rights means humanity, love and fellowship; if everyone protects human rights then everyone will remain safe and free from all dangers and insecurity.

Promoting, respecting and speaking up for the human rights is not optional it's unquestionably a duty that everone must undertake.

The UDHR is a step towards a better world, but we must continue to strive for human dignity, freedom and equality for all.


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