Tough times don’t last; Tough people do

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Free source: Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

We all know time never stays constant. It perpetually changes. So here’s a story of a girl whose tough time changed and made her a strong person too.

Sidra was a girl from interior Sindh, Pakistan. She got married at a very young age and since she was unable to reproduce, was divorced. It was a major heartbreak for her since she was all alone and no one was there to support her. She wasn’t educated as they have a taboo that "LARKIYON KA PARHANE KA KOI FAIDA NAHI HAI QK INKI TW SHAADI HOJANI HAI" (There is no use of girls' reading. Their role is is to be married).

However, Sidra had a massive interest in cooking and her dream was to become a famed chef. She cooked small items and sold it out in the village and areas nearby in order to get money. She wanted to become independent for she knew it was futile to rely on everyone. There was a shining idea that popped up in her dark life when she realized she can send her homemade food outside the village. She can sell it to the people of the city in order to get additional money. Once she started doing this, people appreciated the lip-smacking and delicious food made by her.

One day she went to deliver her food to a shop. While taking money from the owner, she watched an advertisement on TV. She asked him about it and he shared that it was a cooking contest that was going to be held in Karachi. She briefly noted the number for registration and went away.

Sidra was delighted as she started thinking about a better future. Prior to getting registered, there was a rule that a contestant has to pay Rs.5000. She was much bothered when she heard this. She didn't have Rs.5000 to pay. Hence, she went to people for help, but wretchedly each one denied. She decided to accept additional orders for saving money to get herself registered. But there was a fear in heart that what if she wouldn’t be able to win, all of her money will be wasted. There was a clash between the mind and heart. Of course the heart won.

She collected money for the registration. Time passed by and a day before the contest, she left for Karachi. No one encouraged her from her family, but her inner child said that don’t worry you’ll ace it. She was extremely anxious when they were announcing the name of participants. At that moment the contest started. The time was challenging and there was a lot of work to do. But it wasn’t as complex for her because she already suffered from the hardships of life.

Well, everything happened, and they were asked to wait for a week to know the results of the lucky winner. She didn’t imagine that she would get the victory when a cheque of 5,00,000 was sent to her and they told that she is the fortunate winner of the contest. She was additionally offered to work with the most significant chef of Karachi which was golden opportunity for her. Finally, she realized she was a blessed person and BURA WAQT AYA THA VO BHI GUZAR GAYA.

Essentially this story shows us that tough times never last, but tough people do. Time changed, but Sidra was the same hard working and passionate girl which she was in the past. In reaching to a more satisfactory part of life, she merely forgot who she was while working for herself.

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