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During the Cold War, America was developing something that could grab information in a matter of seconds. This project was called the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network or ARPANET. This would help America build rockets and missiles faster during the arms and space race and could send military information.

This would soon become the main breakthrough into something you are using right now to read this post: the internet.

The internet has become the symbol of modern technology because of the vast possibilities it has. Thanks to the Internet we can use the Web to find information, buy something you really want (like a Fidget Spinner because those are popular for some reason), text your friend about the new movie, etc. There are more than 3 billion people in the world use the internet today and the number keeps going.

While the internet is a great thing to have, it is also still very new and vulnerable. Bad people found the internet an easier way to get away with crime than to do it in the real world, creating a big problem.

Even though we have laws on the internet, I believe that these laws are not strong enough because every day I watch the news, there is something about cyber-attacks or identity theft online. I believe that we as citizens need have more protection on the internet and that the laws of the internet need to be strengthened to overpower hackers and cyber-criminals so that cyber-crimes can no longer be something common.

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