Welcome back from Sendai...virtually!

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After one month of intense mapping by more than 100 young people from all over the world around the issue of disaster risk reduction, I am excited to see how amazing the Voices of Youth climate digital map is today. Once the mapping process was done, we made it our main mission to bring the voices of the youth mappers to the youth forum held in parallel to the world conference on disaster risk reduction in Sendai, Japan. Considering that none of us was able to attend physically, I made a video introducing the map and some of the amazing work done by the selected youth mappers. Most of the participating mappers were not in Sendai, so I am encouraging you and everyone else to watch the video and see how a dynamic group of young people was able to not only identify issues related to the climate crisis and disaster risk reduction, but also share best practices by describing positive actions addressing environmental issues and preventing and reducing the impact of disasters in communities around the world.

I have to admit that it was strange to see myself over and over, especially during my very amateur editing sessions, but it didn't matter - I can make a fool of myself as long as the world can see these amazing testimonies predicting the future of our planet.

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