What rights do children have?

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Source: https://rerights.org/2016/07/special-op-winner/

In case you didn't know, all human beings have rights. But there are also special rights for children (anyone under 18) that are all spelled out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

A few months ago, our friends at ReRights challenged their 'agents' with designing a poster about the Convention on the Rights of the Child...and they have picked a winner.

The designer of the poster, Susie Williams, had this to say:

“The rights of a child are extremely important and I chose to design a poster in a way that was eye-catching, colourful yet simple and easy to follow, with each right being highlighted and designed in a different way."

You can read more about Susie's winning entry here.

Learn more about ReRights - and how you can be a part of it too!

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