Young people are the key to fighting climate change

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While children are disproportionately affected by climate change and they are the ones who will have to live with its impacts, they are largely left out of the conversation. We believe that it is imperative that the views of children and young people on the issues of climate change and the environment are heard.

We wanted to elevate their voices and show what they believe to be the biggest challenges in their communities – and also recognize the positive actions being taken to reduce pollution and waste, as well as minimize the impact of natural disasters.

In the six month leading up to COP21, as part of Voices of Youth Maps 120 children and young people have been trained and gone out into their communities to document disaster risks; climate issues linked to health; environmental degradation (pollution, deforestation); and best local practices in addressing these issues (e.g. clean and renewable energy). They come from France, Ireland, Guatemala, Malaysia, China, Kiribati Islands, Tanzania, Zambia, Niger, Chad and Zimbabwe.

The global climate map now has over 800 reports from hundreds of young people who have been contributing to this map since its launch last year. The young people have also been involved in engaging their communities, local leaders, business representatives and others to discuss the issue of climate change.

We believe that young people are the key to meeting the challenge posed by climate change – check out what these young mappers from Chad, Niger and Zimbabwe have to say about the matter and join them and us to fight climate change.

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