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Free source: Photo by Richard Felix on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Richard Felix on Unsplash

I dedicate this article to the youth of present day!

I know its difficult, burdensome and demanding, but we still have to work even harder for the sake of our country and for the world. Let's work hard and give our best to make the world a better place.

Dear Youth, we are capable of more than we know. We are the future and indeed we are the ones who can bring change. Never ever underestimate your power.

Get off your cell phones, televisions and laptops. Its' spoiling us . Its killing our precious time. Instead of wasting time let's save it in building our nations strongest.

I know we are given books and are asked to learn it all, when we don't have enough time to look after our talents. Take out the time for your talent. Do what makes you happy. I know for a future doctor, sitting in a mathematics class means nothing and for a artist, what value does chemistry have? But still if our system demands this from us why are we silent ? We must urge ourselves ahead for what our talent demands. I support hard work along with talent. Work hard, but don't leave the talent behind.

Your purpose of life must be with you. Never give up. Be confident. Don't forget , "No pressure, no diamonds!" I know its tough, but keep going. Work hard and be successful.

Lots of prayers for the youth! Best of luck for future endeavours.

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