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Young people around the world are taking action to bring about the changes they want to see in their countries and communities. Plan International’s Global Voice for Change project wants to help connect you and other young people around the world to share, learn and act together to bring about more change on the issues you care about.

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1. Join our debates:

- Are young people really changing anything?

- What needs to be done for more students to succeed in school?

2. Read, share and comment on the blogs and videos below.

Act together

1.Show your support for this year to be THE year that girls' rights are realised and join the call for an end to gender injustice. #Girl4President

- Watch and share the millennium children video on school-related gender-based violence

- Watch and share Omar’s vlog which looks at sexual violence in Senegal schools

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Youth Delegate’s Reflections on COP21 in Paris

Written by Bjorn from Germany, Marinel from the Philippines and Anna and Karoline from Norway...

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A call to action for men and boys: Kiram's speech at #AGS2015

This speech was delivered by our Ethiopia Team's Kiram at the Voices of Youth parallel session at...

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#16Days: Prakash Koirala talks girls' financial inclusion

To mark 16 Days of Activism, Youth for Change are shining a spotlight on inspiration activists f...

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Statement from Youth For Change on the first African Girl Summit in Za...

The First African Girl Summit took place from 26-27 November 2015 in Lusaka, Zambia. We were there...

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Climate change steals children’s futures

In December 2015, governments will meet at the UNFCCC COP21, in Paris, France, to conclude negotia...

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Sierra Leone is Ebola-free: Like a breath of air

​“We are celebrating now that Sierra Leone is free from Ebola,” says Kamanda, a Plan International...

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#2065yourfuture - Our future hanging on a thread

In December 2015, governments will meet at the UNFCCC COP21, to conclude negotiations on a new international climate change agreement, to significantly decrease global greenhouse gas emissions. This is being seen as the “last chance” to control emissions, therefore Plan Youth Advisory Panels...

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Contrasting Cultures with Mutual Environmental Ambitions

In December 2015, governments will meet at the UNFCCC COP21, to conclude negotiations on a new int...

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Refugees in thier own country, the future of Sierre Leone is at risk

When the Ebola virus hit my country Sierra Leone, thousands of lives were lost, the country came t...

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Flooding Calamity upon Ebola Catastrophe in Freetown, Sierra Leone

In midst of fighting the deadly Ebola virus, our city of Freetown, experienced exceptionally heavy...

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