Voices of Youth: Inspire!

Who inspires you? Who is your local young hero? Whose exceptional efforts and achievements will serve as an inspiration to others?

Voices of Youth: Inspire! is a space dedicated to highlighting the stories of these exceptional young people.

If you know of a local young celebrity, activist, scientist, musician, artist, or student whose story you want to share with the world, get in touch with the person, interview them and publish their interview here.

Inspiration can change the world!

VoY Inspire! Project Penguin

Someday in the near distant future, our ice caps are going to melt. It's not an if, not a maybe, i...

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VOY Inspire: Esther Kalenzi’s Smiles for Days

Esther Kalenzi is a 28 year old Ugandan woman who is passionate about children. There are many vul...

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Inspire with Marium Mehboob: Inspired by the Ordinary

‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough’ I wake up in the morning every da...

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Beating The Odds - Inspire! With D'wayne Extol

I once heard that the measure of a man's life is not so much in what he accomplishes, but in the a...

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Inspire! With Wawira Njiru - Food 4 Education

I remember it was a boring day, I went on Twitter, like I do when I’m having my boring days (which...

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Inspire! With Professor Atshan: Teaching Peace

I walked into my Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies class unsure. I was unsure if I had an...

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VOY: Inspire! 3 Strikes with Adam Braun

Adam Braun is the Founder of Pencils of Promise, an award-winning organization that began with just $25 and has since broken ground on 325 schools across the world. He also is the creator of the "For-Purpose" approach to business and philanthropy, which combines for-profit business acumen wi...

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Get inspired by these youth innovators from Sierra Leone & Kosovo

On the 9th and 10th of November, UNICEF together with the Government of Finland hosted a really awesome summit all about innovation for children and young people. During the summit, I was lucky to attend a session where a group of young innovators told us about their projects. So I asked the...

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Inspire! with Laura Golakeh: One Way Ticket to Monrovia

Living in poverty is an experience no one wants to have. Hence many young people from poor and dev...

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Inspire! Meet The Teen Determined To Change Education

Sometimes in the midst of a mundane and meticulous life filled with the busyness of a routine, a p...

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