Are Diamonds Really a Woman's Best Friend?

no picture Sabrine Boukhatem
Inscrit le 27 octobre 2013
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Bling vs. Bang “In America it is bling bling, in Africa it is bling bang “I borrowed this expression from a movie named “the blood diamond” to start writing this article. In the United States the duty of every respectful loving man is to put a pretty ring with a big white shiny rock on his beloved’s finger, well I’m not saying that it is banned or shameful, as they say “diamond is the woman’s best friend”, it turned out that this is not true after watching this movie and reading a few articles about this particular subject. How come it is the woman’s best friend if it deprives her of the apple of her eye, her son or husband? While the arrogant western women are bragging about their manly husbands for purchasing “the rock” as they call it in front of their best friends, the African women are yearning for theirs in every second. Because they are out there in the mud, half naked, bare-feet, and famished looking for these small beautiful rocks to feed the west’s ego and greed for our property. As the western kids go to school, learn about civilization and history, the African ones are being hunted by groups of people calling themselves “the protectors”, they kidnap children to teach them how to use guns, smoke weed, drink alcohol, rape women, and protect the country of course. I believe in God and fate, but I don’t believe that this is God’s actions or Africa’s fate. Mamadou is a simple worker in a tiny plant, his wife takes care of the kids and everyday is pretty much the same as the previous one. One night as he was having a peaceful dinner with his wife and two children, not too much on the table but that was enough to draw a big smile on their faces. All of the sudden they heard a lot of gunshots and screaming, they all stood up trembling seeking for any way out of that small hut, the wife took her daughter’s hand and whispered to her “stay with me, no matter what happens, do not let go my hand” the daughter nodded with her tearing eyes. Mamadou was holding a knife in one hand and a big baton in the other, the boy snuck out of the hut to bring some stones, they were all standing by looking at each other as if they knew they won’t be together anymore. The 13 year old girl was raped until she died, the wife was shot in her head, the boy was kidnapped and nobody heard about him ever since, and the dad was beaten up till he lost his conscience. Mamadou is still alive; he refuses to eat from the food that the American jets deliver to all poor hungry Africans. He said “Americans think that by filling our empty stomachs, they’re going to make us forget what they are depriving us from, a family.” Nowadays, when we see known people like Madonna and Angelina Jolie adopting children from Africa, we feel grateful and happy about that, but at the same time it doesn’t come to our sleepy minds that they’re the real reason, not only them, behind the homelessness, death and hunger, of these kids . I am African and I have a bigger dream than Martin Luther King’s.

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