Let Us Stop Rape Cases


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Recently two rape cases occurred in Pakistan. A five year old girl was raped by five men in Lahore and a thirteen year old girl was left dead after being raped in Karachi. These incidents ran over children rights as well as human rights tragically. Incidents that disgraced dignity of women in the global society. This wildish act ruined the future of like child whose whole lives were ahead to live.Government is acting against criminals and I hope they will be punished according the very law. Criminals may be treated in the way that no one in the future dares to act this kind of wildish act.

Apart from the law, we still need to make our societies better and stronger. We must secure our societies having no risk of such incidents. We must make our people stronger enough to resist these accidents. People can be made guided in the way that can help them in securing their families. Women dignity can be sustained and raised on that level where it should be.

What I am trying to convey are some basic steps that can reduce such incidents if followed by people. The main theme is “Don’t Let Them Be Alone”. A brief description is below that must assured by people.

ü Never leave children alone outside home.

ü Always a male family member should be with females when they are outside .

ü After sunset children under 18 must be with family.

ü Children must avoid unknown contact.

ü Women/Girls who are students must leave for institute with a male family member and they must be received by a male when back to home .

ü Women and girls having jobs should leave home with a family member to bus stops and family member must receive her on relevant stop and bring her to home.

ü Women/girls must travel in groups mostly with known ones e.g. friends, town fellows ,class fellows, colleague and neighbors etc.

ü Females leaving for shopping must be in groups or with males.

We can reduce rape cases if we make people fallow these simple steps. These steps are actually our duties but we have a loose grip on these rules. We just need to ensure them in our societies. These rules can be applied on every society because these are attached to every culture.

The places on earth where rape cases have increased such as India today, we can make people aware that they can protect their as well other families. We can save society and we can raise the dignity of women on earth.

One of the main and important thing is that we can save a large amount of economy that is supposed to be spent on police and other security services in an attempt to stop these cases. This large amount of money can be spent on other problem such as poverty, education and health. That attempt may no longer more useful if people don’t participate. So let us make the people ready to resist this crime and build a strong world where women’s dignity and status will be ensured.

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