Religious Freedom

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Have you ever felt alone? Scared, worried...hungry perhaps? One of the most common ways to cope with this is to reach out to an ultimate being. That natural spirit, be it person, animal, plant, etc., you have some supreme thing that you worship. Regardless of bad emotions/ feelings, you might even pray to this god when you feel good. But is it right for me to tell you what god to pray? Is it right for you tell me and chastise me if I do not? These are the questions of religious freedom.

People can be cruel and vicious when it comes to religion. It's possible that this arises because of the passion that we put into devotion and gaining salvation. However, it is not right for one religion's followers to attack any of another. Instead, we should all just embrace the policy of "One Life". We are all humans, inside and out, and we should not be worrying about these small barriers that divide us. Rather, we should use them to unite ourselves.

In Mulberry, FL, USA, there was a recent protest by Muslims towards a public Qu'ran burning by a man who would like to honor the lost lives in 9/11. It seems quite stupid to burn holy books to consecrate lost lives. In a sense, you are just giving up one life for another lost life. It's completely irrational and ludicrous.

These types of events are going on all across the world, staging the basis for many of our international conflicts and troubles. Take the current state of Syria, for example. Their situation is one that deserves our attention and sincere concern. Rather, people are throwing hate and ill will on the faulty basis of religion. How do you know what kind of person one is based on their holy book? It does not add up. To change, let's all just adopt one philosophy that there are only two types of people in the world: good and bad. It will make things a whole lot easier. Check out this article for a column on the current Middle East-US relations and the significance of religious independence:

It all starts with one helping hand. Reach out to a single person each day and show your grace through the freedom of religion. Hand in hand, person by person, we can all fix this problem.

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